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Life Deck Calculator

Life Deck Texture Crete System (TC) System

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The Life Deck Calculator provides an easy way for contractors, distributors representatives, and applicators to calculate exactly how much product will be needed on the job site, based off of square ft. This feature makes quoting easy for the distributor and provides a way for contractors to close a deal on the job site. The feature is also available on the Life Paint Mobile Application (for iPhones and Android).

Systems Included within the life deck product calculator:

  • Life Deck AL System, Life Deck FM System, Concrete Impressions, Life Deck MC System, Pebble Bond, LD-2000 (Auto-Life), TC System, Liquid Granite System, and Granite Tuff System.

Life Deck’s focus for the product calculator:

waterproof deck coatings, waterproof decking, deck coatings, concrete deck coatings, residential epoxy flooring, commercial epoxy flooring, Industrial Epoxy Flooring, waterproofing plywood, deck texture, and deck paint calculations.

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