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Manufacturing Life Deck Products

Since 1963, Life Paint has been manufacturing a full line of coatings products from life deck waterproofing cements, waterproof deck systems, life deck epoxy flooring, paint, and toll manufacturing for over 100 different companies.

From sales, to manufacturing, packaging, warehousing and shipping: Life Paint covers it all from the point of sale to live demos. We have departments of experienced teams set up to cover the entire process.

How Life Deck Products are Designed:

Creation is what brings ideas and visions to life. Products are developed because there is a need or a want by you, the consumer. Our aim is to develop and create products that help bring that idea or vision to life. Life Paint Company has a full time R & D and Quality Control staff to oversee our production and design teams.

How Life Deck Technical Service Works:

Let us help you before, during, and after your project. Our philosophy is that the best questions are always before the installation. We have a full time staff at our offices to handle any questions that you may have at anytime during your project. Call us, and let us help.

Product Training for Life Deck Specialty Coatings Products:

Knowledge is key. Designing a product is one thing, applying it is another. We have highly qualified staff members who have worked in the field a better part of their lives. We believe that this real world experience helps to teach the main principles and finer points of an install or application. Life Paint Company hosts training seminars at distribution locations and at our sales offices to educate from the beginner to the most experienced contractor for our Life Deck Specialty Coating systems.

Product Promotion for Life Paint and Life Deck Specialty Coatings

Product promotion and follow through are two keys to partnership in the marketplace. We provide at store demos and representative table tops to educate consumers on what’s available and proper installation. We send a factory trained representative to all our showcasings who can train, or educate, a beginner to a seasoned veteran. When installations are finished, our representatives are always available with any questions that may arise.

Questions? Call Life Paint Company, manufacturer of Life Deck Specialty Coatings

Life Deck Products Brand Location:

  •  Address: 12927 Sunshine Ave, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

*All Life Deck Products are made and manufactured by Life Paint Company.

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