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Life Deck Stain “20 Series”

Life Deck Stain

Description of Life Deck Stain:

Life Deck Specialty Coatings’ 20 Series is a unique, water based stain that bonds inside the pores of the cement. The 20 Series does not form a film over the cement. It’s acts more like a traditional wood stain, coloring the porous areas of the aggregates and powders. This unique action creates a more natural look and is the perfect alternative to acid stains.

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Advantages to using Life Deck Coatings Stain:

  • Deep Penetrating
  • Extremely Natural Look
  • Easy, Water Clean-Up

Life Deck Stain Color Selection:

-62 Gray Slate, -63 Sandstone, – 64 Umber, -71 Black, -65 Sedona Red, -67 Sienna, -68 Green Slate, -72 Mediterranean

(Please contact Life Paint for a color card sample. Colors online may not reflect true color):

Life Deck Stain Use:

When applied in accordance to label instructions, Life Deck will penetrate into the concrete surface leaving no film that will chip or peel. Use over properly prepared masonry, concrete, and Life Deck Texture Concrete Overlay surfaces. The bare concrete surface must be porous and profiled to resemble fine or medium sandpaper.

Aged, Uncoated Concrete: Remove all dirt, grease and oil with a cleaner or de-greaser. Follow manufacturer’s directions. Rinse thoroughly with water and allow to dry. Smooth concrete surfaces must be properly etched. Follow etching instructions.

Painted, Stained or Sealed Concrete: Do not apply over previously painted, stained (except as noted in “DRY TIME”) or sealed concrete.

How to Apply Life Deck Concrete Stain:Life Deck Stain Overlay Stamp Patio with Polyurea sealer

Step 1: Allow concrete surfaces to dry before applying stain.

  1. When working with more than one container of the same product, intermix to ensure color uniformity. Stir stain before and occasionally during application.

Step 2: Lightly dampen very hot surfaces to cool them down before applying stain. (Do not puddle or flood water onto the surface)

  1. Use product when temperature is between 50oF-80oF. Use caution when applying the transparent penetrating stain to a very hot surface.
  2. Premature drying of the stain prevents optimum penetration and the development of its transparent character.

Step 3: Apply the stain with a conventional garden sprayer, using a push broom to spread it over the surface to be stained.

Step 4: To achieve a beautiful multi-hue appearance, use multiple coats of the stain/ mixture thinned as desired with water (from 1 quart of water to 1 gallon of stain or up to 4 gallons of water to 1 gallon of stain).

  1. Variations of stain concentration and multiple coats of the stain mixture will produce attractive shading and interesting ranges of color intensities. For very dark, deep accents, use the stain full strength.
  2. Stain must be sealed with one of these choices:

Life Deck Stain with Granite Texture Stamp, Stain and Sealer




Water Based Sealer – 2110/2112 2K Urethane, 2114/2116 Urethane or 4001/4002 Acrylic Urethane.

Solvent Based Sealer – 2009 PolyAspartic, 2003 CRU Chemical Resistance 2K Urethane, LD7530 Urethane, 2008 Stone Glaze, or LD31-96 100% Solids Clear Epoxy System.

Coverage Rate For Life Deck Coatings Stain:

Apply at a spread rate of 200-400 square feet per gallon. If the concrete is broken into sections, apply stain in sections for ease of application.

Dry Time Life Deck Stain:

Subsequent coats of “20” Series stain can be applied at any time after 1st application if a darker color is desired. Allow the product to dry 24 hours before top coating and sealing with your choice of Life Deck Clear Coatings (see application instructions). Make sure shoes are clean or wear baggies around shoes to prevent footprints before finishing with clear coating. (Caution, baggies may be slippery).

Cool temperatures and high humidity may require a longer cure time.

Thinning: Water may be added to lighten color, from 1 quart to 4 gallons of water per gallon of stain.

None Package Size:

Gallons, Quarts

Life Deck Stain Surface Preparation:

Step 1: Proper surface preparation is essential for penetration of the stain.

Surface must be clean and porous prior to staining. Concrete, concrete decks, floors and walk ways: New concrete must age for a minimum of 30 days.

Step 2: Cool temperatures and high humidity may require a longer cure time.

Remove all grease, oil and wax with T.S.P. Solution. (One pound of T. S. P. to 1 gallon of water.) Scrub with stiff broom until surface is thoroughly clean. Rinse thoroughly with clear water then etch (see etching instructions).

Step 3: A properly etched concrete surface should resemble the texture of fine or medium sandpaper.

Let dry thoroughly before applying stain. Etching Instructions: For acid etching, use 1 part 10% muriatic acid to 4 parts water.

Step 4: Wear appropriate eye, skin and apparel protection when applying etching solution.

Protect plants and other surface from any splashing. Work etching solution into surface with a stiff bristle broom.

Step 5: Allow muriatic solution to remain on surface approximately 15 minutes.

After etching, neutralize acid with baking soda or soda ash. Rinse thoroughly with water and allow to dry. Sweep and/or vacuum all residue left from etching process.

Clean-up for Life Deck Stain:

Warm soapy water.

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