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Life Deck Specialty Coatings Deck Top Coats, Deck Paints and Stain Sealers

Life Deck Specialty Coatings paints and top coats are trusted by architects, builders, specifiers, designers and thousands of contractors worldwide. Deck paint needs to be durable and long lasting. Life Deck Specialty Coatings color seal top coats are price competitive, 100% acrylic coatings, and only of premium quality. Along with heat reflective paint and standard deck paint, Life Deck also offers deck texture paint for a skid resistant coating. In addition, all products are made, quality controlled, and distributed and manufactured through Life Paint Company at our facility in Santa Fe Springs, Ca. There is never a question of the quality and supply of our products.

life deck paint

Life Deck Coating “10 Series” Standard Deck Paint

The Highest Quality Deck Paint in the Industry 
Life Deck Coating “10 Series” Top Coat Paint is a premium, quick drying, 100% acrylic concrete/masonry pigmented sealer formulated for sealing concrete and masonry, and coating wood, to provide resistance against water, alkalis, acids, ultra-violet light and staining. 10 series Life Deck coating remains the contractors choice and is regularly specified for hotels, condominiums, apartments and office buildings around the country for exterior decks. It can be stapled through most old deck systems to provide an excellent method for the rehabilitation of problem surfaces. The coating passes ASTM D2047-82 and is fast drying, water based, chemical resistant, alkali and moisture resistant and UV resistant. Unlike other top coats, Life Deck Paint has excellent hide, color retention and is resistant to ponding water.


life deck specialty coatings

Life Deck Paint Coating “28 Series” Cool Life Deck Paint

Heat Reflective 100% acrylic coating
Life Deck “28” Series is high quality heat reflective deck coating that regularly specified on pool decks, residential decks, and casino walk ways. a Premium, Quick Drying, 100% Acrylic Concrete & Masonry Pigmented Sealer formulated to reflect infrared rays (IRR Coating) and for sealing concrete and masonry to provide resistance against water, alkalis, acids, ultra-violet light and staining. The product is great for concrete floors, pool decks and patio substrates.  Life Deck paint is the preferred top coat for Life Paint waterproofing systems. The life deck AL coating system, FM coating system, MC coating system, and Texture Crete concrete resurfacing system.


life deck waterproofing over concrete MC System

Life Deck Paint “15 Series” Deck Coating

Deck Texture System
The Life Deck “15 Series” is a slip resistant coating containing thousands of anti-skid particles to provide traction on walking surfaces. The system is designed to be used as an anti-skid top coat for the Life Deck “FM Fiber Mat,” Life Deck MC walking deck system, or Life Deck AL waterproof deck system. Life Deck Texture Coat can also be used as a single coat finish. The deck coating is considered a safety coating and is perfect for pool decks with high traffic walkways near water, schools, residential decks, and commercial decks. This specialty product is premium non-slip coating with low maintenance, fast dry and easy clean. These aspects make the product easy to use for contractors. The product is easy to install, slip resistant, chemical resistant, moisture resistant coating with excellent hide and superior color retention.


Life Deck Stain with Granite Texture Stamp, Stain and Sealer

Life Deck Stain “20 Series” Coating


Life Deck 20 Series Transparent Concrete Stain creates a unique variation of color seal over bare concrete. Concrete stains  will create a beautiful multi-hue appearance. When applied in accordance to technical data sheet instructions recommended by Life Paint Company, Life Deck Stain will penetrate into the concrete surface and will leave no film. Because the coating is deep penetrating and semi-translucent, the product will never chip or peel. Always use Life Deck Stain over properly prepared masonry block, concrete, and or a Life Deck Texture Concrete Overlay System. The bare concrete surface must be porous and profiled to resemble fine or medium sandpaper. Some of the advantages to using Life Deck stain include deep penetration, natural look, and easy clean up with water.

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