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Life Deck Texture Finish “15 Series” Slip Resistant Coating

Life Deck Texture Finish “15 Series” Slip Resistant CoatingLife Deck Texture

Why to use Life Deck Texture Skid Resistant Coating:

Life Deck “15” is a skid resistant coating containing thousands of anti-slip particles to provide traction on walking surfaces. Designed to be used as an anti-skid top coat for the Life Deck “FM Fiber Mat,” Life Deck MC walking deck system, or Life Deck AL waterproof deck system. Life Deck Texture Coat can also be used as a single coat finish.

  1. Click here for 15 series technical data sheet

Finish options for life deck texture skid resistant coating:

slip resistant low sheen

Package Size for life deck texture skid resistant coating:

  • Quarts
  • Gallons
  • 5 Gallons

Color Options for life deck texture skid resistant coating:

  • -00 White
  • -41 New Cape Cod Gray

How to prepare the surface for life deck texture finish coating:

life deck texture preparation



For maximum durability the surface must be clean, free of dirt, oil, chalk and other foreign matter.

Advantages to using life deck texture finish slip resistant coating on a waterproof deck vs a standard color seal paint:

  • Non-slip coating
  • long lasting coating
  • low maintenance cost
  • Fast drying
  • Easy clean-up
  • Easy to install
  • Slip resistant
  • Chemical and moisture resistant
  • Excellent hide
  • Superior color retention

Substrate options for the life deck texture finish coating

  1. Concrete Floors
  2. Wood Deck
  3. Patios Garage Floors
  4. Boat Decks


Surface preparation for life deck texture finish

Life Deck Texture Surface Prep

Important tip: Concrete, concrete decks, floors and walk ways New concrete must age for a minimum of 30 days. Cool temperatures and high humidity may require a longer cure time.

  1. Remove all grease, oil and wax with T. S. P. Solution. (One pound of T. S. P. to 1 gallon of water.) Scrub with stiff broom until surface is thoroughly clean.
  2. Rinse thoroughly with clear water. Then etch all unpainted cement with 1 part 10% muriatic acid to 1 part water. Allow to stand 10-15 minutes then rinse clean with water.
  3. A properly etched concrete surface should resemble the texture grit of medium sand paper. Let dry thoroughly before applying coating.

Do not use life deck texture finish over mildew:

Mildew is a fungus, brown, black, grey or even white in color, and will rapidly grow through any coating applied over it. A solution of 50% household bleach and 50% water will kill the mildew. Rinse thoroughly. See precautions on bleach label for handling before using.

How to prime life deck texture finish:

For best results prime all surfaces with 1575 Life Deck Primer before applying top coat

How to prime a previously painted surfaces for life deck texture coat:

Clean all surfaces and roughen all glossy surfaces by sanding. Remove all peeling, loose or blistered paint by scraping and wire brushing. Remove all chlorinated rubber and hydrocarbon finishes by sandblasting. Clean all surfaces thoroughly with a T.S.P solution and then rinse thoroughly with water.

How to prep a sloshy surface with life deck texture coat:

Roughen gloss by sanding; then wash with a T . S.P . solution and rinse thoroughly with water .

Unpainted Surfaces: Prime all surfaces, edges, as well as undersides if possible. Caulk all cracks and nail holes.

Metal: Clean and etch all new metal. Prime all bare metal.

Coverage: Life Deck 15 Series may be rolled, brushed or sprayed and the coverage will vary. Up to 300 square feet per gallon on a smooth surface and between 200-300 square feet per gallon on a rough surface. Product may be thinned slightly with a small amount of water, in which case 2 coats are recommended.

How to apply life deck texture non-slip finish:

Box and mix all containers to insure consistent color. Neatly cut-in all edges with a brush and roll the main area using a 1/2″ to 3/4″ nap, good quality roller cover. Be sure to spread evenly in a “V” pattern, rolling in both directions. It is best not to apply in the hot sun or above 80 degrees. Thinning slightly with water and applying thin coats will help avoid streaks in direct sun.

Drying Time for life deck texture non-slip surface:

Allow four (4) hours between coats and light foot traffic. Normal foot traffic after twenty- four (24) hours. Allow vehicletraffic after seven days. Allow forty-eight (48) hours before placing heavy objects on the surface.

Clean-up for life deck texture non-slip surface:

Warm water and soap.

Temperature and weather conditions for life deck texture application:

Do not install any Life Deck product if the temperature is below 55 degrees. Rain may damage uncured Life Deck products. If inclement weather threatens, cover deck to protect new application. Do not allow any Life Deck product to freeze.

Maintenance for a textured finish deck for long lasting effects:

Most Stains will clean-up with TSP, a brush, and water. We recommend a re-coat every 2- 5 years, depending on traffic and exposure to the sun.

Repairs to a life deck texture deck: Repairs may be done by grinding off the damaged area and replacing the material as written in this information guide.


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