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Life Deck Specialty Coatings | Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Life Deck Specialty Coatings products and company:

Q: I have looked online and there seem to be 2 companies or entities called “Life Deck.” Who actually sells the Life Deck product line?

A: Life Paint Company is the manufacturer of the Life Deck coatings product line and has been since the beginning of Life Deck in the early 1980’s. Life Deck Installations, a coatings installation company based in San Diego, Ca is not connected in any way to Life Deck Specialty Coatings. The entities are completely separate and not connected under ANY similar ownership or even use of products. Life Paint Company is the manufacturer of Life Deck epoxy coatings, waterproofing products, architectural coatings, and concrete resurfacing products. Life Deck Specialty Coatings supplies products and does not install.

Q: What Kind Of Products Does Life Deck Offer?

A: Life Deck offers high performance waterproof decking products, epoxy coatings, sealers, stains, paints, elastomeric coatings, and concrete resurfacing products. Life Deck offers 5 different types of waterproofing systems listed here:

  1. AL System is a high performance waterproofing system used over plywood decks
  2. MC System is used over concrete decks and includes an anti-fracture membrane with a long lasting, durable cementitious application
  3. FM system includes a fiberglass chop stran for small, low walkway decks
  4. Life Deck LD-2000 System is a liquid applied urethane system used for exterior walking decks
  5. Auto-Life System is a extreme abrasion rated waterproofing system for parking structures

Q: How Much Does Life Deck Cost Per Square Foot?

A: The cost to instal Life Deck depends on many different factors. Waterproofing system preparation, special circumstances, location, distributor and applicator may all be factors in determining cost. If you are a homeowner and need a quote, please contact us to refer a trusted contractor in your area.

Q: Where do you distribute? Who are your distributors?

A: Life Deck products can be found in distribution all over the west coast. We have a wide variety of distributors that are extremely knowledgeable in waterproofing, epoxies, paint and other high performance coatings. Please call the office for more information to find a distributor near you in stock.

Can I just buy direct?

A: Life Deck is NOT sold direct to the end user – our products are only sold through distribution.

Q: Do you Offer Assistance in Spanish? Customer Support?

A: Yes, Se Habla Español. We offer both customer support and training in Spanish. Please call us today to connect to a spanish speaking representative or customer support agent.

Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located in Los Angeles County in the city of Santa Fe Springs. Our address is 12927 Santa Fe Springs, Ca 90670

Q: What is your phone number?

A: (562) 944-6391 for all inquiries.

Q: Who is Life Paint?

A: Life Paint has been a manufacturer of high performance coatings since 1963. The company started as a paint manufacturer. In the last 25 years, Life Paint has developed and acquired over 6 brands. Americrete, Life Deck, Stretch Guard, LifeTimeCoatings and Firefighter all all under the Life Paint family. Each company has separate product lines but all products are manufactured by Life Paint Company.

Q: What are my options when using your products?

A: You have a endless options when using Life Deck products. We have a very wide selection of color, stains, sealers, and cement types to pick from.

Q: Is Training Free?

A: On site training, training at our distributors and private demos are free. Pricing for large demos at the Life Paint facility are not free.

Q: Do You Have A Showroom?

A: Yes, please come to our manufacturing facility to take a plant tour and explore different samples of our systems.

Q: Where Can I See Coatings That Have Been Installed?


Q: How Long Does It Take To Install A Concrete Coating?


Q: Can I Do The Installation Myself?


Q: Are your products Eco-Friendly?


Q: Why exactly do I need my decks “waterproofed”

A: Leaky decks are our specialty. Our waterproofing system will keep your decks in great shape and prevent leaks and damage due to moisture.

Q: Who Makes Life Deck?


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