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Life Deck Epoxy Paste

Life Deck Epoxy Paste Description

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Life Deck 7200P Series is a 2 component, heavy viscosity, 100% solids, flexible epoxy patching compound. It provides epoxy high build, maximum toughness, excellent chemical resistance in a quick drying paste.

Uses for Life Deck Epoxy Paste

Life Deck 7200P Series is designed to be used on concrete, metal, wood, masonry or where a tough yet flexible epoxy paste is required. Uses include patching surface cracks on concrete floors prior to application of a floor coating or as a general purpose patch on concrete, block or wood to fill small voids before coating with other products.

Advantages to Life Deck Epoxy Paste

  • Convenient 1:1
  • Mix Ratio Fast
  • Setting Time
  • High Build
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Flexible
  • Very Durable
  • Moisture Tolerant

Coverage for Life Deck Epoxy Paste

The coverage will vary depending on the thickness applied and the porosity and texture of the surface. For example a 1/2 gallon kit will fill 1/4″ x 1/4″ crack or joint approximately 150’ long.

Epoxy Paste Packaging

1/2 gallon kits – 2 gallon kits

Epoxy Paste Inspection

Surface must be structurally sound, dry and free of oil, grease, curing agents, dirt, dust or other foreign material that may prevent proper adhesion. Surface must be roughed up or porous.

Surface Preparation for Epoxy Paste

Prepare surface by sanding, grinding, water blasting, sandblasting or shot blasting to achieve a clean, porous and uniform surface that will allow product to soak in and bond permanently. Clean out cracks with a crack chaser (diamond blade). Chip out any loose or unstable material in the area to be filled. The surface must be porous or rough enough to allow the product to adhere. Note: The most common reason for a coating failure is due to the lack of surface preparation.

Epoxy Paste Primer Requirements

Priming is not necessary for general purpose patching. When installed as part of an epoxy floor system it is best to prime first using the Life Deck epoxy primer (1200). See Life Deck 1200 Series product information sheet for application instructions.


In a clean and dry bucket thoroughly mix 1part A and 1 part B, by volume, together. Combine using a jiffy mixer or stir stick at low rpm. Mix slowly for at least 3-5 minutes or until completely combined. Only prepare the amount you can use in 1/2 hour.

Adding Aggregate

Silica sand (or other aggregates) may be added to enhance workability and increase the yield of the mix. Silica sand will also increase-pot-life and depending on the size, effect the texture and your ability to feather the patching compound. Depending on the size and amount of aggregate you add, you will also increase the tensile and compressive strength and hardness while decreasing the elongation of the product.


A trowel or putty knife is the best way to apply the epoxy into the crack or void you are attempting to fill. If the area is going to be coated with a thin film coating, you may wish to slightly overfill the area then sand it flush the next day to match the texture of the existing surface. Silica sand may be broadcast into the epoxy to add texture and act as a binder for subsequent coats of material.

Drying Time

You may re-apply additional 7200 paste as a soon as the product has hardened (usually 4-8 hours). Light foot traffic may be permitted in 12 hours, normal in 24 hours, light vehicle in 48 hours, and heavy traffic in 7 days. All times are based on average temperature of 70 degrees and 50% humidity. Cooler temperatures will increase drying time.


  • Do not apply at temperatures below 50F.
  • Do not allow water to come into contact until it has cured for 24 hours.
  • For interior use only unless protected by another product with a UV inhibitor
  • Product will not bond to concrete if not properly prepared.
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