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Epoxies: Water Based

Life Deck Specialty Coatings has 3 different water based epoxies. The 14 Series has a 4:1 mix ratio. It’s technology is a blend of water based material and 100% solids. It has a very high gloss and 100% solids application “feel” to it. The 14 Series can create a high build and is excellent for full broadcast chip systems.

The 25 Series has a 2:1 mix ratio. It’s technology is based completely on water based raw materials. The 25 Series has a pot life up to 4 hours and can be used as a primer. (See specifications for primer directions.) The 25 Series comes in stock colors and a tinting base system for a full range of colors in the Life Paint coloring system.

The 25-96 is a fast dry clear coating that has a 3:1 mix ratio. It has a long pot life at 4 hours and is very easy to apply. It creates a glass like finish and can also be used as a base for quartz finishes.

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