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Concrete Resurfacing: Impressions

Life Deck Impressions 1/4 inch concrete stamping system is a beautifully decorated product to enhance the surroundings of any view. Combined with Life Deck’s concrete stains and clear sealers, the design patterns and colors are left only to the imagination. Use Impressions to enhance your residence, office, restuarant, or anywhere you have plain old concrete.



  • Impressions is a specially formulated Portland cement blended with a variety of silica sand, and proprietary additives. LD-6 (Impressions cement) is formulated to blend 4/5 quarts of water per one 50 pound bag of LD-6. Impressions is commonly known as 1⁄4 inch stamp overlay.


  • LD-6 is used primarily for stamping existing concrete surfaces. It is designed to be stained with Life Deck 20 Series concrete stain and/or colored directly with liquid colorants. Use stamp mats to make an impression of the desired finish into LD-6.
  • Impressions needs to be sealed with a Life Deck clear sealer 4001, 4002 or 7530 from Life Paint. Use in driveways, pool decks, walkways, interior if a home, restaurants, offices, and patios.


  • Long working time
  • Just add water
  • Safe for vehicle traffic
  • Excellent resistance to cracking


  • 50 pound bags 56 bags per pallet

Inspection and Preparation

  1. Surface must meet requirements of local building codes. Surface should be sound with larger cracks (greater than 1/8 inch) repaired. All coatings, sealers, curing agents, and smooth troweled finishes must be removed in order to allow sufficient adhesion. Bead blasting or grinding may be necessary to achieve suitable surface.
  2. Check for evidence of excessive vapor transmission and efflorescence. A simple test for checking suitable porosity is to pour a small amount of water onto the surface. If the water does not penetrate into the concrete then mechanical means to achieve “open pores” must be done. Acid gel etching is also acceptable.

Surface Application

Primer Requirements

  1. Use Life Deck Specialty Coatings 25 Series water based epoxy as a p;rimer. Apply the 25 series at full strength over properly prepared cement substrate, then while wet, broadcast sand into the epoxy to imbedd.

LD-6 Stamp Cement

  1. Mix 1 to 1.25 gallons of water with one 50 pound bag
  2. of LD-6. The amount of water may vary depending on weather conditions. You may add 2-4 ounces of universal colorants toward your desired color. Apply at a rate of 25 square feet per bag mixture (approximately 1⁄4 inch) using a screed rake.
  3. Allow to set but not dry (peanut butter consis- tency.) Dry time is dependent on air and surface tempera- ture, direct and non-direct sunlight. When ready, apply Life Deck Release with a Hudson sprayer over the entire area
  4. to be stamped and the stamp itself. Apply the stamp and make even impression. Remove stamp.

Dry Touch-up

After the LD-6 is dried the following day, now is the time to do any tooling, cutting, and sawing.


  1. Wash entire surface with a mild solution of liquid TSP. This is important to remove all form-release from the stamped cement.
  2. Rinse with clean water. A pre-stain seal application is necessary to allow the stain to soak in evenly to help eliminate blotchiness.
  3. The pre-stain sealer is the LD81 modifier mixed 50/50 with water. Broom this mixture onto the surface making sure to get entire surface evenly coated.
  4. Use Life Deck 20 Series concrete stain to color LD-6. Use a Hudson type sprayer to spray full strength or a 50/50 dilution of the stain. Follow 20 Series specification sheet on application.


  1. Use Life Deck 4001 Gloss Urethane/Acrylic, 4002 Satin Urethane/Acrylic, or 7530 Polyurethane clear sealer to protect and add rich appeal to your Impressions applica- tion.


  • Do not install Impressions if the tem- perature is above 95° or below 55°. Do not install Impressions if inclement weather (rain or snow) threatens within 48 hours of target finish time.

Clean Up

  • Uncured material can be removed with water or solvent. Cured material can only be removed mechanically.
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