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Concrete Resurfacing: Life Deck Color Wash

Life Deck Color Wash System

What is a Color Wash System?

Life Deck Color Wash is a polymer modified cementitous overlay system colored with an acrylic stain and clear coated with a highly durable sealer. It is designed to cover old, rough, stained or poorly finished concrete with the simulated appearance of Flagstone, Tile, Slate, Brick, Pavers, or Tile.

Life Deck Color Wash Uses:

The main function of this product is to cover concrete that is aesthetically unattractive. Uses include drive-ways, walkways, patios, garage floors, courtyards, entry ways, showrooms and pool decks. Remember, Color Wash 20 can be installed interior or exterior in both commercial and residential environments.


  • Cost EffectiveFast Drying
  • Anti-Skid Finish
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Variety of Looks and Deck Texture
  • Meets all air quality standards


  • Life Deck LD 81 Cement Modifier-1 gallon & 5 gallon pails
  • Life Deck LD 1 Cement-50 lb bags
  • Life Deck LD 2 Cement-50 lb bags
  • Life Deck LD 5 Cement-50 lb bags
  • Life Deck 20 Series Acrylic Stain – 1 quart, 1 gallon & 5 gallon pails
  • Life Deck Clear Sealers – 1 quart to 5 gallon depending on Sealer.

Life Deck Color Wash Inspection and Considerations: 

  1. Concrete must be clean, dry and free of grease,
  2. paint, oil, dust or curing agents. It should have a profiled finish or be porous and feel like 36-grit sandpaper. Drainage problems or ponding must be corrected prior to the installation of Color Wash 20.
  3. Concrete must be a minimum of 2500 psi, 3½” thick and meet building codes. Do not apply if air, surface or material is below 50°F or if rain or heavy moisture is expected within 24 hours after application.

Life Deck Color Wash Surface Preparation

Pressure wash concrete with 3000 psi. Mechanical abrasion with a bead blaster or grinder is the preferred method of surface preparation. Surface should feel like 36 grit sandpaper after abrading. Re-pressure wash the surface to remove all debris.

How to repair Cracks and Broken Concrete:

Step 1: Chase cracks open and fill with Life Deck 7200 100% Solids Epoxy Patch.

  1. Life Deck P221-03 Seam Tape may be embedded into the wet 7200 to help reinforce the crack repair.

Step 2: The 7200 should be troweled into the tape and smoothed. Broadcast fine silica onto the wet epoxy to provide a profiled surface over the Epoxy Patch.

  1. This remedial approach to patching cracks is not guaranteed and they may return.

Step 3: Broken concrete can be repaired using Life Deck LD-10 Sloping and Repair Cement following product instructions.


How to Apply/Install Color Wash

Step 1: Use Life Deck Color Wash Primer

In a clean, dry container, mix four gallons of water with one gallon of Life Deck LD 81 Acrylic Modifier (for a total of 5 gallons) and apply it at a rate of 200-300 square feet per gallon by roller or spray.

Life Deck 25 Series Epoxy Primer with a silica sand broadcast may be used as well (See Life Deck 25 Series specification).

Step 2: Apply Life Deck Color Wash Slurry Coat Mix 

Immediately after primer is dry, mix the slurry coat by combining 1 bag of Life Deck LD 5 light gray, or LD-2 white, cement with 1 gallon of Life Deck LD 81 Acrylic Modifier and up to ¼ gallon of water. Mix thoroughly with a low rpm drill motor.

Trowel the slurry mix over the surface to achieve a smooth uniform finish at the rate of 150-200 square feet per batch. Honor all expansion and control joints. Using a brush wet with water, feather all outside edges, seams and expansion joints. Apply the slurry coat continuously, keeping a “wet edge” and blending each new mix into the prior mix. Stop only at existing joints in the concrete. After surface is dry, scrape or grind off any ridges or trowel marks. Reapply slurry as needed to smooth all surfaces.

Decorative Pattern: 

After the Slurry Coat is thoroughly dry, Use Life Deck Grout Tape to lay out tile or brick patterns or Life Deck Stone Strips for flagstone or other stone patterns. One pound of Stone Strips will produce approximately 100 square feet of stone pattern.

Step 3: Apply Texture Coat 

Combine 1 bag of Life Deck LD-5 light gray, or LD-2 white ,cement with 1 gallon of Life Deck LD 81 Acrylic Modifier and up to ¼ gallon of water to achieve the desired consistency. Universal liquid colorant may be added to the mix if desired. Mix thoroughly with a low rpm drill motor. Pour the mix onto the surface and trowel into place creating desired texture.

Skip trowel effect is most popular. Trowel consistently and constantly only stopping at existing joints in the concrete. You may reach out and re-trowel or “burn” the surface to create a shinier, smoother surface to simulate stone. A small paintbrush may be used to pre-brush and feather edges. Be sure to honor and feather to all expansion joints and control.

After the Texture Coat has hardened enough to walk on, scrape and/or lightly sand the surface using a buffing pad to even out the look and feel of the texture. A floor buffer with a red buffing pad is helpful for large areas. Be careful to sand or buff consistently and not to damage the texture. Sweep off the excess cement, dust and debris.

Step 4: Apply LD-20 Color Wash Stain

Life Deck 20 Series Acrylic Stain can be applied to the Texture Coat using a low pressure garden sprayer and brushed into the surface using a stiff brush or broom. 20 Series Stain is concentrated and may be reduced with water to achieve the desired color depth. For a highly decorative look, multiple colors can be applied “wet-on-wet” or “wet-on dry”. Reapply to darken or accent individual “stones” or “tiles.”

After the stain has thoroughly dried, the Grout Tape or Stone Strips can be carefully removed to expose the grout lines.

Step 5: Apply a Life Deck Clear Sealer over the entire overlay system clear sealer

Life Paint manufactures a variety of solvent and waterborne Life Deck Clear Sealers. Consult with your Life Deck dealer for the appropriate one to apply. Two coats of a Life Deck Clear Sealer should be applied at the rate of 300 square feet per gallon, per coat.

Limited Warranty and Liability Limitations 

  • Cracking in concrete (whether static or non-static) may occur and broadcast through the Cement Overlay System. Cracking of this or similar nature is not covered by any warranty provided by Life Paint Corp.
  • Any warranty provided by Life Paint Corp. shall only cover the products it produces. Other products shall be covered by their respective manufacturer’s warranty if any.
  • Life Paint Corp. hereby warranty’s the products it produces against manufacturing defects that may cause premature coating failure when applied according to product directions to a properly prepared suitable surface.
  • Any warranty provided by Life Paint Corp. is limited to refund or replacement of the product used with proof of purchase.
  • Life Paint Corp. is not liable for any labor or incidental charges. No other warranty or guarantee is expressed or implied.
  • Any implied warranty, including warranty of fitness for a particular use or purpose and warranty of merchantability, is limited in duration of the express warranty provided herein unless a shorter period is permitted by law. Life Paint Corp. shall not be liable for labor, incidental or consequential damages or for damage to the building, its contents or its occupants.
  • This warranty contains all of the provisions for your remedies from Life Paint Corp. liability and is limited to the provisions of the warranty, including the replacement of defective material only, whether any claim against it is based upon strict liability, negligence, breach of warranty or any other theory or case of actions.
  • Some states do not allow limitation of how long an implied warranty lasts or the exclusion of incidental or consequential damages so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you.
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