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Life DeckThe Beginning of Life Paint: 1963

The coatings industry is rich in our family blood lines going back four generations. Whether, it was delivering, manufacturing, developing, outside sales, store ownership, or a sales clerk, we have done it all before. In 1962, William (Bill) Sibbrel and his close friend Robert (Bob) Benson had an idea to start a new coatings company in the Los Angeles area called Life Paint. Later in the companies history, Life Deck Specialty Coatings was developed along with numerous other brands.

In 1963 Life Paint broke ground in Santa Fe Springs, California, the southern tip of Los Angeles County. Bill went out to sell and form a sales team while Bob stayed at the plant working as the chief chemist and plant manager. They began making and selling clear, oil based sealers for wood, which grew into stains, and then solid color coatings.

In the 1970’s, Life Paint began formulating with latexes and combining them with natural oils creating specialty hybrid coatings. This research extended into creating better products for water resistance meant for wood and then stucco.

Life Paint By the 1980’s:

Life Paint was manufacturing floor epoxies (the 14 series, still currently available) decorative stone finishes (Pebblebond) and waterproof coatings for walls, which ultimately became Stretch-Guard. Both, Bill and Bob, sold their ownership to their sons, Ron and Fred, respectively. By the late 1980’s, Life Paint created and began selling the 16 series, a deck stain that would don the first Life Deck label.

Life Paint in the 1990’s-2000’s Develops Life Deck Specialty Coatings:

In the 1990’s, Life Paint saw an opportunity in the specialty coatings market. Waterproofing was it’s main goal, and coatings technology was growing rapidly. Already manufacturing waterproof coatings for walls and roofs, Life Paint turned its attention to decks. By the mid-90’s, the FM System would be installed on thousands of square feet and the AL System would be in testing to achieve its ICBO number.

The cements that were developed for the AL System would be used for concrete resurfacing and then many more products, such as sealers, stains, and epoxies, all created to fill the Life Deck program. Improvements and market demands were (and still remain) a big focus in the early 2000’s. Market share was growing and the product sales mix at Life Paint was changing. Clearly, Life Deck Specialty Coatings would be a primary focal point for Life Paint.

Life Deck Specialty Coatings and Life Paint Company is expanding:

Life Paint is always actively working on developing new technology and avenues for Life Deck Specialty Coatings products. As better and safer technology becomes available, our lab is working daily on improvements. Lowering VOC’s, removing known carcinogens and developing APEO free products with high performance standards is our key focus.

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