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Waterproofing: LD2000 Urethane

LD 2000 Flexible & Durable


The Life Deck 2000 Decking System is a specialized application of elastomeric coatings. This chemical resistant, moisture cured, polyurethane system is designed to expand and contract with normal structural movements.

Years of service have proven the lasting qualities of this product in resisting weathering and abrasion. The Life Deck 2000 Decking system is durable and, with appropriate sand aggregate, provides a slip-resistant waterproofing system. It has an aesthetically pleasing monolithic surface that will not soften in heat or become brittle in cold. With the use of a catalyst the Life Deck 2000 Decking System can be accelerated to a two-day application.

The Life Deck 2000 Decking System is a waterproofing system that can be used on a wide range of applications. Installed and maintained properly, this system will ensure years of waterproofing protection.


The Life Deck 2000 Decking System can be used over plywood or concrete where an elastomeric, chemical resistant, waterproof deck coating is needed.


  • plazas
  • patios
  • sun decks
  • balconies
  • lanais
  • helicopter pads
  • walkways
  • stairs
  • parking structures

Regularly specified on

  • homes
  • apartments
  • condominiums
  • hotels
  • office buildings
  • most commercial structures.


4 Step easy application

Commercial Applications

Commercial Applications



4 Steps

4 Steps

Primer, Base Coat, Base Coat/Sand, Color Coat.

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