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Waterproofing: FM System

FM Waterproofing System for Plywood & Concrete decks

The “Life Deck FM” (Fiberglass Mat) Waterproof Decking System is a series of distinct applications of highly flexible acrylic resins. The base coat is integrated into a chopped fiberglass mat. Life Deck FM is designed to be a skid resistant waterproof walking surface for installation over plywood, concrete, magnesite, metal, and most existing deck surfaces.


  • Economical
  • Low Maintenance
  • Fast Drying
  • Durable yet flexible
  • Waterproof
  • Skid Resistant

How to Apply the Life Deck FM System:

Step 1: Clean all surfaces and prime

1.Power wash the surface and/or scrub with TSP (rinse off TSP with water) for better adhesion over existing systems or over concrete.

2. A slurry coat (thin coat of acrylic modifier and cement) is sometimes necessary for leveling and to achieve a smooth and consistent

3. Prime all surfaces with FM 1575 Primer.

4. Patch, with FM 1577 Texture (with trowel) all knot holes, cracks, and voids in deck and flashing completely before laying out fiber- glass.

Step 2: Fiberglass and FM Base Coat.

1. Cut all fiberglass and layout, first. (Butt up strips together, do not overlap).

2. When applying the Base Coat resin, start at the inside and work bubles out toward the edges. Some fiberglass is woven tighter than others and requires more attention. Be sure to push the resin through the fiberglass completeley (use a 1/2” roller cover) or it will not bond to substrate.

3. Use a fiberglass cutter (found in many fiberglass/polyester resin supply houses) to cut the bubbles out of the fiberglass immediately after you have applied the base coat resin.

Step 3: FM Texture Coat.

1. Before spraying the Texture Coat, spray a small sample and adjust your hopper gun or if roling with Life’s A15 Texture carpet roller, adjust your technique to meet your needs. You may also add a few ounces of water if the texture is too thick.

2. You may tape out a tile or flagstone pattern on the deck if you wish. Place the tape over the base coat in a pattern of your choice. Ask about our special pattern tape. Be sure to remove tape as soon as the texture is dry. Remember to do a small sample before beginning the project.

3. Be prepared to spray the entire deck area without stopping or stop only at seams.

Step 4: FM Top Coat.

1. Apply the Top Coat in two thin coats at 250 square feet per gallon, rather than one thick coat to achieve a more uniform consistency.



4 Step easy application






Residential Decks


Easy Installation


4 Steps

Primer, Fiberglass/Base Coat, Texture Coat, Color Coat.

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