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Our Life Deck epoxies are good for concrete floors in warehouses, entryways, kitchens, industrial floors, garage floors, manufacturing facilities, hangars, and retail spaces. Create unique designs with paint chips, colored quartz and metallics to enhance your floors appeal while protecting it against chemicals, dirt, and stains.

Water based


25 Series, 14 Series
High Solids water based epoxy coatings. Longer pot life, water clean up, water thinnable, & chemical resistant. Forms a long lasting high gloss epoxy coating for use on garages, restaurants, architectural, commercial and industrial applications.
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25 Series
14 Series

100% solids

100% solids

LD12 Primer, LD31 Top Coat
A high quality epoxy system for commercial, industrial, and architectural use. Excellent flow for roller or squeegee application. High gloss and high build.
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LD12 Primer
LD31 Top Coat

TC System

chip floor

Decorative Broadcast Chip Floor
A designer floor that produces great looks and chemical resistance. Top with the LD2009 Polyurea for the ultimate in chemical and scratch resistance. Can be applied with either our 100% solids or water based epoxies.
Liquid Granite Floor

Colored Quartz

colored quartz

Decorative Broadcast Quartz Floor
Ceramic coated Colored Quartz is embedded into the epoxy clear coat forming a thick, chemical resistant, floor for high traffic areas. The quartz floor system is extremely resistant to heavy objects. Top with LD2009 Polyurea to make it UV resistant.
Colored Quartz Floor


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